Queensland, Australia


Driven Precast Piles

Wagstaff Piling was engaged to design and construct the foundations for Townsville’s new stadium. The project presented multiple challenges as the site had previously been used as a landfill resulting in varying ground conditions which were unsuitable for cast in-situ piles. The design also had to incorporate the seismic loading for the site and stadium.

Wagstaff Piling developed a design which utilised two standard piles sizes of 350mm and 400mm. This allowed for greater ease in establishing a remote casting yard and resulted in employment and training opportunities for the local workforce. Further, the design process was an iterative one which required close collaboration between the client, the design consultant and Wagstaff Piling.

This project represents an excellent example of effective collaboration between multiple stakeholders to produce a robust engineering design, a cost-effective program, and significant benefits to the local community through training and employment.

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