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As a proud Australian-owned Private Company operating for over 40 years, Wagstaff Piling are committed to ensuring that our people are treated and remunerated fairly and equitably. Long service milestones are common, creating a culture of competence, stability and mateship.

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Competitive Remuneration

Remuneration for our salaried employees is market-tested at least annually so that we stay competitive.

Our skilled field workers receive market leading conditions via enterprise agreements that offer substantially above-Award provisions.

Employee Assistance Program

You will have access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) fully subsidised by the company. EAP provides discreet, professional counselling and wellbeing support to not only you, but also your eligible, immediate family members.

Career Development

Our Engineers are supported to achieve Chartered Professional status and we use competency matrices to track knowledge and leadership development. Technical presentations to our internal and external peers enhances company & engineer credibility and reputation, which is supported at all levels in our business.

Field employees have comprehensive career pathways as well: from labourers, to specialised rig operators, to construction supervisors. We have comprehensive Training Plans and Career Development Plans.

Internal Forums

A national engineering conference is held every 2nd year where we invest in engineering management best practice, risk management, professional development and business improvement.

Supervisor Forums are held at least annually and cover safety and construction management, training, equipment utilisation and planning.

Graduates and Interns

At Wagstaff Piling, we are committed to nurturing and developing the next generation of foundation engineering leaders.

  • Under-graduates studying Civil or Geotechnical Engineering are employed as Interns in each State, including one Scholarship recipient
  • Typically casual hours during semester, full time hours during semester break
  • Mentorship opportunities by experienced industry experts
  • Onsite experience and training
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Experienced Professionals

Out team members become better problem solvers based on the technical solutions we provide for our clients.

Expertise in foundation engineering is developed by way of:

  • Working on complex and challenging projects in different engineering sectors
  • Being supported by subject matter experts
  • Mentoring and training younger engineers
  • Being actively involved in a broad range of industry associations & peer conferences
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Current Vacancies

Mechanical Fitter

We are looking for a Fitter to provide on-going maintenance and repairs to the growing Wagstaff Piling fleet of heavy machinery and plant. Mechanical servicing and support is provided in workshop and on-site environments as required to minimise machinery downtime.

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