Diaphragm walls

The main function of the diaphragm wall is to give lateral support to excavations by offering a reaction to horizontal forces from earth and water pressures.

Diaphragm walls are a safe and cost-effective solution for retaining the vertical faces of excavations. They are ideally suited to sites that are close to existing roads or buildings and can be used in conjunction with props and ground anchors.

Constructed on a panel-by-panel basis formed in the ground, diaphragm walls restrict the effect of ground movement caused by excavation work. The load deformation is very small and there is virtually no limit to the scale of excavation that can be supported.

Steel sheet piles

Sheet pile walls can be either of a permanent or temporary nature. A wide variety of materials, steel, plastic or concrete, can be installed using percussion, hydraulic or vibratory hammers. Interlocking sheet pile walls are used for many applications including cofferdams, basement walls, pits and marine structures.

Concrete sheet piles

Wagstaff Piling can design and install precast concrete sheet piles for appropriate site requirements. The sheet piles can be used for riverbank protection and retaining walls and can be manufactured to suit different structural configurations.

Continuous piles

CFA piling can be carried out using a variety of equipment and is suitable for unstable and saturated ground conditions. CFA pile diameters range from 300 to 1000mm with depths to 30 metres.

CFA piling is a proven piling option and has the advantage of minimal noise and vibration during installation, using fast and manoeuvrable equipment.

Secant piles

Secant pile walls are interlocking or overlapping cast-in-place bored piles forming a continuous, near watertight wall in unstable and water bearing soils. This method prevents water or soils leaching between the piles after excavation. This piling technique can be used to construct walls, tanks, basements or similar type below-ground structures.

Cut off walls

Wagstaff Piling constructs cut off walls using bentonite cement slurry and grab techniques for different applications. These include controlling seepage from wastewater retention structures and mine waste slurry basins or dams.

Ground anchors

Wagstaff Piling has the capacity to design and install temporary or permanent anchors for a variety of structural and foundation piling applications.


Wagstaff Piling can design and install economical vibwalls to act as a continuously sealing cut-off element, in the ground, for excavations, dams and landfill applications.

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