Driven piling

Precast Concrete

Wagstaff Piling produces slender precast reinforced concrete segmental piles. The piles are manufactured in clean, straight steel moulds in standard lengths. The pile segments are easily handled and transported.

High strength mechanical joints are cast into the pile segments. The segments can be rapidly spliced in the field to achieve a pile of the required length. Rock shoes or plain shoes may be used depending on the ground conditions.

Quality assurance standards apply to the whole production process. Efficient and rapid casting techniques provide a very economical pile for a variety of loads.

Prestressed concrete

Prestressed concrete piles are generally an octagonal configuration and sizes vary from 450 to 550mm.

Wagstaff Piling installs these piles either as a single length pile or a spliced pile.

Alternative cost effective pile configurations can be designed and supplied by Wagstaff piling incorporating octagonal prestressed or reinforced concrete piles spliced to reinforced concrete square segmental piles.

Steel sections

Wagstaff Piling can install a variety of steel section piles including, but not limited to, steel column sections and steel tube piles.
These piles can be installed using either hydraulically operated drop hammers or vibratory hammers.

Timber Piles

Both hardwood and softwood timber piles can be installed using Wagstaff Piling driving equipment or other piling techniques.
Piles can be a single length or a spliced pile for deeper foundation solutions.


Wagstaff Piling has developed techniques for installing minipiles for a variety of building and civil engineering applications, including restrictive horizontal and vertical clearance conditions.
The minipiles can be steel piles, precast concrete piles or timber piles, depending on the project design requirements and the site conditions.

Wagstaff prides itself on its team work and innovative staff who work together to solve problems large and small.