Bored piling

Bored Piles

Wagstaff Piling operates a large range of bored piling rigs, including crawler and rubber tyred equipment capable of drilling up to 50 metres deep and up to 2500mm diameter.

Bored cast-in-place piles provide economical solutions as non-displacement piles for supporting substantial horizontal and vertical loads.

Bored Piles under Drilling Fluid

Where the ground to be excavated is not stable or self-supporting, the ground can be supported by temporary or permanent liners or with drilling fluids.

Piles with Temporary Segmental Casing

Wagstaff Piling offers equipment which is capable of installing large diameter segmental casing through unstable ground conditions to depths of 40 metres.

Permanently Cased Piles

Wagstaff Piling can provide foundation solutions for the installation of permanently cased piles, of varying diameters, for a variety of structures.

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